Sarasota’s Roskamp Institute Welcomes U.S. Senator Bill Nelson

August 21, 2007

Sarasota, Fla. – The Roskamp Institute today welcomed U.S. Senator Bill Nelson to its research facility in Sarasota, Florida, where the Senator toured the laboratories and discussed the various types of research currently being conducted at the Institute.


“We thank Senator Nelson for his interest in our research and for coming to the Institute to tour our lab and view our good work first hand,” said Dr. Michael Mullan, director of the Roskamp Institute.  “We are proud of the research our Institute has done and look forward to continuing in our quest to better understand and ultimately cure debilitating diseases of the mind.”


While Senator Nelson’s visit was mainly to discuss with the researchers the current and future research being done in relations to Traumatic Brain Injury, the Roskamp Institute is devoted to understanding the causes of and finding cures for various neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disorders and addictions.  Specifically, the Institute utilizes a broad range of scientific approaches to understand the causes of and potential therapies for these disorders with an emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease.


“We currently have 45 scientists and 10 clinicians with eight active clinical trials in the field with several more on the horizon,” Dr. Mullan continued.  “It is vital that we are persistent in our pursuit to help Florida’s sufferers and their families and we are glad Senator Nelson is here to share in our goal.”


The Roskamp Institute has built its esteemed reputation amongst the research community and has been heralded for its achievements including:


  • Being the first Florida-based Alzheimer’s Research Institute (and one of only a handful of Institutes worldwide) to conduct a human clinical trial with a drug discovered by its own research.
  • Discovering a new class of drugs that lower the production of the main pathological protein that causes Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Applying state of the art technologies (proteomics and genomics) to find early diagnostic markers for Alzheimer’s disease.

Extensive participation from Florida residents in the Institute’s leading edge Alzheimer’s research program.

for more information on Alzheimer’s please visit:


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