Roskamp Institute on Gulf War Illness

The Roskamp Institute located in Sarasota, Florida is the leading research center in the area.  The research focuses on neurological diseases that affect young and elderly men and women of this world. Some of the main focuses are Alzheimer’s disease, addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), multiple scoliosis, Gulf War syndrome and many more. The Director Dr. Michael Mullan leads his team of researchers to exciting findings. Recently the Institute has been given a grant from the VA for their research involving Gulf War Illness. This Illness that inflicts the soldiers that fought during the Gulf War affects their motor skills, memory, stability and other problematic symptoms. How the Illness commenced was through the combination of the neurotoxins and pesticides given to the soldiers. The research done in the Institute led to the finding that shows the toxic mixture affects the long fatty acid chains within the brain. Research continues within the walls of the 42,000 sq. ft research facility hopefully terminating the life altering Illness for our Veterans.


for more information on the Roskamp Institute please visit:


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